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Well, shucks. You’re gonna have to check back on this page later as I’m in the middle of a “website facelift.” Sorry, friend. But, thank you for being here, though.

Here’s some cool stuff while you’re here, though:

#BannedBooksWeek 2022

Banned Books Week 2022 will be held September 18 – 24. The theme of this year’s event is “Books Unite Us. Censorship Divides Us.”

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A New Adventure?

Arizona, my home state, unfortunately, has a history of book bans. That has also included the Latinx community as well.

Two Weeks

For so long, I was keeping myself down, keeping myself on the ground any time I felt good about any direction in my life.

#AuthorAugust22 Day 31

All in all, I’m really happy I was able to complete this prompt series, despite me being a children’s book writer and not a romance writer.

#AuthorAugust22 Day 30

I mean, I could share content from other larger WIPs but I don’t feel confident enough in them to publicly share any part of them for now.


I would be lying if I said those words didn’t impact me at all. Why did those slurs impact me in the first place?

#AuthorAugust22 Day 26

If you couldn’t guess it by now, I’m basically taking their personas from the movie they both starred in as said titular characters.