The Power of “Putting Your Hair Up”

You’ve been in a slump lately. You’re still in bed and have yet to eat breakfast. Writing may as well be nonexistent at that point, too. Maybe even feeling like the entire day is ruined now. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re being lazy. You may be like me, living with Executive Dysfunction. If not, try the power of “putting your hair up.”

What is the Power of “Putting Your Hair Up“?

Putting your hair up can be both metaphorical and literal. Well, if you have long enough hair like me to do so, that is. Regardless of the length of your hair, you can still take one hundred percent advantage of this kind of power. What is the power of “putting your hair up”? It’s the little things.

It is making a list of little things you can control you can accomplish throughout the day. For those of us with long enough hair, we can comfortably compare that boost in confidence with the endorphins from the physical act of putting our hair up. So, when we’re able to accomplish these little tasks they give us enough of a boost in confidence in getting larger and more taxing tasks accomplished. Yes, you could chalk it up to the saying “accepting the things you can control when things feel out of control”, but I like my phrase a little better :).

What Can I Do When I Put My Hair Up?

Excellent question! I live with executive dysfunction so I’m also going to list some tricks from a medical site. Please keep in mind not everyone suffers the same so not everything listed will work for everyone.

  • Make a step-by-step list
  • Use visual aids to guide your day
  • Use calendars to keep track of long-term assignments, due dates, chores, and activities
  • Ask for written and oral instructions whenever possible
  • Schedule a weekly time to clean and organize the workspace

One thing many people fail on is not being specific enough or being too broad. There’s nothing wrong with getting super-specific when listing out tasks and what tasks are required to accomplish one task to complete the entire task with. Mouthful, I know. It can be as specific as “get out pencil and paper”, “put a name on paper”, “put a due date on paper”, “read directions”, etc. The same could be said for writing your stories, your novels, blog posts, and more.

Another important point to remember is to have a little grace with yourself. We are human, after all. Like I said, not all of these will work for everyone so it’s normal trying something else that does work for you.

What works for YOU when putting your hair up?

I’d love to know in the comments below 🙂


It is at times like this, laying in my bed at ten minutes till midnight, that I find myself thinking about all the writing I haven’t done in months. Where did my drive go? What happened to the overly motivated writer pushing out content left and right? The truth of it is something I can’t put into words the answers.

Life has, for a lack of a better way of saying it, been a nightmare these past few months. I find myself constantly playing the past over and over in my head that it eventually meshed with the present. Once that happened, I no longer knew my right from my left, which way was up, which way was down – you get the idea. And like a played-out cliche, I think about how I could do better starting on Monday.

It’s never that simple, though, is it?

It’s never that simple because life is all about repetition no matter if you like to change things up often. And whether you want to admit it or not, we are in some ways creatures of habit. We must be if we’re going to accomplish anything, like, I don’t know, say….writing. Never mind all the other intricacies that go with being a writer and what a writer must do to be a better writer. But it’s all about creating and maintaining the writing habit. And the greatest thing about that is if we ever need to step away for a while, we have the tools to get back into the habit of writing, discovering, and learning.

So, here’s to starting over on Monday.

Say What Now?

My goodness, I am horrific at keeping to a regular posting schedule for blog posts and even my social media accounts. That is something I’d like to be far better at going into 2022.

However you chose to celebrate Thanksgiving (or November 25th), I hope it was wonderful. This year, I’m reminded not of the horrific lies we were told growing up but how it felt spending my first favorite holiday without my middle brother in 2017. In 2021, without my father. He had succumbed to covid-related complications, sadly. All any of us survivors could do was to make sure our mother made it through the day. The day wasn’t without its emotions.

What are your favorite holiday dishes? Are you looking forward to Christmas or Yuletide? Or perhaps Hanukkah?

One of my favorite holiday dishes to make is my special double-layer green bean casserole. And as much as I love stuffing, I’m surprised I’ve never attempted to ever make any before.

No Bones Day

Waking up in a massive amount of pain is never fun for anyone. That was my morning. Not only was I suffering from a chronic pain flare-up, but heavy allergies as well. Rummaged through my medicine cabinet – no dayquil, no zyrtec. All that was left were two nyquil gel capsules. Didn’t have any plans for today so why not go back to bed? Popped the last two gel capsules, grabbed a drink, and went back to sleep.

Three hours went by before waking. Felt so much better than this morning. Only downside of waking up after three hours was finding out my late fathers favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, lost against the Denver Broncos. Oh, well.

I lied. I did plan on reading and writing this morning while laying in bed. Obviously, that didn’t pan out. Oh, well. Maybe I can do some reading and writing tonight. Well, write anything other than this blog post. We shall see, if anything, how much gets done.

I haven’t written anything in quite some time, unfortunately. I’m hoping to change that starting tomorrow (Monday). Funny thing – that. Always electing to start a new task on a Monday. The same has been said more times than I care to admit concerning losing weight, changing diet, etc. Again, we shall see how much gets done starting tomorrow.

Here’s The One Thing Every Writer Needs NOW

Feeling annoyed? Yeah, I am pretty annoyed as of late, too. Why? Bad writing advice. There’s too much bad writing advice available now. Thank you, internet. What bad writing advice do we get today? And one of the worst pieces of writing advice may have even slipped my tongue one time or more during my early years as a short story writer and, well, as a writer as a whole, anyways.

First draft? Yeah, forget about worrying about your first draft. Huh? Yeah, forget it. Forget worrying about how your second draft looks, too. It doesn’t matter. What’s the use in worrying about all of your first drafts? Worrying about your first, second, third drafts is pointless because I guarantee you that once you begin working with an editor at a reputable publisher, you could potentially create up to at minimum a dozen drafts before it’s ready for print.

What every writer needs right now is a sticky note stuck on wherever it is they’re writing at reminding them that writing multiple drafts is normal. Are you writing in a composition book? Put a sticky note in there. Are you writing on a laptop, PC, or Chromebook? Stick that note where you can see it. It doesn’t matter where you write as long as you keep in mind that not every draft will be as polished as before.

Pantser? Plotter? It doesn’t matter. There will always be something you will find in your drafts to update or change even long after publishing.

Every writers brain is unique. Well, Laini Taylor, author of Strange the Dreamer, said it best: “different writers’ brains need different things”. Laini is referring to how many books exist on how to write a book. They go on to say it is a way. If it works for you it doesn’t mean it will work for the next writer. Laini and I both share a common trait: we both need the sentences to work as we write them and the ability to fix any problems as they arise.

So, if there’s ONE thing every writer needs right now…it is grace with themselves.