Living With ADHD As A Writer

About time. It’s only a quarter past ten at night so this is a big development. Why is that? Well, it’s for a number of reasons, really. In short, it means I am getting better. I’m getting better at writing a little bit earlier in the night so I’m not forcing out a bunch of rambling thoughts that seemingly have little to no connection between one another.

Here’s the thing, though. Another ten minutes just went by between the end of that last sentence and the start of this one.


Rick Steve’s Europe just came on. Knowing me, the random history buff with a passive interest in European gothic architecture, history of its food, and other aspects of various cultures, it’s going to continue in taking my attention away from writing.

Fun Fact: King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215.

Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda Fitzgerald, and William Styron, suffered from mental illness. Agatha Christie, also. But let’s focus specifically on ADHD.

Did you know famous children’s book writer & illustrator Dav Pilkey also has ADHD? How about Rick Riordan? I bring those two up specifically because of how much just these two have revolutionized the literary world of today – how we perceive blending myth with reality and just plain silly fun.

Are people with ADHD bad at writing?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has many unique traits and some similar. Because of that, ADHD impacts every person differently. In this instance, it’s 12:26am now writing this latest sentence.

So, we’re not bad at writing, per se, but we are bad with time management. Some people with ADHD are better than others with time management but that just illustrates my point that ADHD impacts everyone differently.

Oh, look. Hey, Arnold! is coming on on the Nick Rewind channel.

We each have it within us to determine what works for us specifically and not as a group. It’s uncomfortable and frustrating figuring it out but it’s incredibly worth it in the end. So don’t let other people, especially other “writers” and “authors”, tell you how you should better manage your time as a writer with ADHD.

You got this!

Five Minutes

Alright, then. It’s a quarter till midnight but I meant to write this blog post earlier today. Why is that? It’s for a number of reasons, I’ll be honest. It’s because I’m awesome. Just kidding – it’s the formidable combo of a mental & developmental disorder. Specifically, I hyper-fixate on things that bring me a lot of joy, excitement, stimulation, and so on where I’ll lose complete track of time after starting with a 60-second video but now it has been several hours later e.g. six minutes to midnight in this scenario.

Five minutes. If you could have just five more minutes with any person from the literary world (alive or dead), who would it be?

What is mine?

Well, I’ll tell you who it’s not. My picks are certainly not going to be any of the standard dramatists many other authors by default choose i.e., William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Christopher Marlowe, George Bernard Shaw, and others. Nope. While I do enjoy the “classics” as many call them, I would much rather spend five minutes talking with Roald Dahl, Eric Carle, Beverly Cleary, or even Judy Blume. Dav Pilkey would certainly make the honorable mention list.

Let me know in the comments who would be your pick to spend five minutes with!

Oh, look at that. It’s nearly a quarter past midnight now.

Living Through The Unknown

Now listen. It’s just after eleven on a Friday night, and I’m writing this blog post. Pretty fun, huh? It’s not out of boredom, or even a chore. It’s because I need to. Nights are the hardest for someone like me. If I disconnect from the constant distractions of the world around me i.e. the television, my smartphone, this Chromebook, my desktop PC where my favorite games reside with the exception of my Nintendo Switch, there is a high chance I’ll be swallowed up and into the struggles of my mental health.

Still here? I wouldn’t blame anyone for not sticking around when I appear manic. Why should they? All of the depression, anxiety, and chronic issues. Well, it’s a daily battle. Again, nights are the hardest for someone like me. When I’m not creating, when I’m not writing, I am left with feeling like I have little worth thus I should give up as a writer and creator alike; using medical marijuana helps shift these feelings of worthlessness, wrings them out like a sponge into a pool where it will all be washed away.

I promise there is a point to me saying all of this long, convoluted, and weirdly specific stuff. It’s, well…I’ve been going through a lot lately. And writing it all out helps. You know?

My father died recently. Specifically, he passed away on August 30th from covid-related complications. That’s awful, right? Well, of course, it is after four long weeks in the hospital. He was only 56 years old. He was admitted into the hospital two days after a positive covid test. Over the next four weeks, it was touch and go – several times thinking a certain moment was his last but he was always a fighter, always trying to get the last word, the last breath in an argument, even in an argument with death itself it seems.

Losing him has made me reevaluate my entire stressed-out, unhealthy living, slow burn of a lifestyle. Being honest about what I lack in health does not make for what I would call a good time. But I gotta start somewhere, though, right?

The silent killer: stress. I would likely break those “stress watches” if I’m being honest. Why stop there? Have you seen those watches that turn stress into electricity? Well, you can call me Thor now. In all seriousness, it is in fact a massive problem for me. I’ll close this random blog post with this now that it’s midnight (yeah, I know – it took me this long to write this blog post): I’m on a mission where my only reward is living the best life possible filled with as many years as possible not only for myself but for my daughter who deserves to have her own be there for every possible, appropriate moment in her life.

With that said, I’m signing off for the rest of the night and enjoy some late-night 90’s nostalgia: Hey, Arnold! on NickRewind.

Trouble At Table 5: Trouble to the Max

Mission: Save Simon!

It was trouble to the max for, uh, well, Simon. What seems to be the trouble? Well, it turns out did something so drastically dangerous. Lose Max Brutus’s prized soccer ball high up in a tree in Picasso Park! Can his friends at Table 5 help him get Max’s ball before his big game? Or has Simon’s luck maxed out?

Yeah, I know. I borrowed a lot of that intro paragraph from the synopsis. This is why I write blog posts and not synopses for other authors, haha. Let’s get this book review done!

The author of Stick Dog, Stick Cat, and Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook returns with a fifth installment of the Trouble At Table 5 series with returning characters Rosie, Molly, and of course Simon: Trouble to the Max. This installment felt quite a bit different than the previous four books. Either the writing is of course still on point or the pacing & structure are significantly different. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe I’ll come back to it later.

Best moment of the book?

Mr. Willow teasing his students what they used to write on and with when he was his students’ age. Simon, being the overly trusting goof that he is, beautifully plays right into the joke. And once again, Mr. Willow comes through with a fun and useful science lesson.

During a moment in class, the trio lift their books to hide their faces as they whispered back and forth to talk about the tree sap on Simon’s hands. Here, we get to see some pretty cool cameos: no spoilers.

As usual, the trio works together to come up with interesting and often hilarious “solutions.”

Did Simon get Max’s ball in time before the big game?

Give this wonderfully hilarious book a read to find out for yourself.

Trouble at Table 5 #5: Trouble to the Max by Tom Watson & Marta Kissi | Published by HarperChapters: Imprint of HarperCollins

Genre: Children’s Literature, Fiction, Humor | Author: Tom Watson | Illustrator: Marta Kissi


“Time out! Simon got Max Brutus’s prized World Cup soccer ball stuck in the tallest tree in Picasso Park! Now he’s in more trouble than a tater tot in ketchup. Can his friends at Table 5 help him get the ball before the big game? Or has Simon’s luck maxed out?”

Trouble At Table 5 series is published by HarperChapters, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Overall: 5 out of 5 Stars!

What did you think about this book? What did you think about all that sap on Simon’s hands?

Do you have any stories of your own about how you overcame your own Picasso Park-sized problems?

Let me know in the comments!

Trouble At Table 5: I Can’t Feel My Feet

Mission: Brrr-ing It On!

That’s what the kids of Table 5 called their latest hijinx as they work together to overcome a common problem: science! It’s Winter for our protagonists in Book #4 by Tom Watson Trouble At Table 5: I Can’t Feel My Feet. Simon finds himself in hot water with teacher Mr. Willow as Simon once again lets excitement get the best of him when he is supposed to be quiet now that class has started. But can you blame him? Simon was coming up with some great ideas on how the group can stay warm when walking to school each morning during the Winter. Well, maybe not all of them were “great”, per se, but once Simon gets going it’s hard to get him to notice when he needs to be quiet.

Through each of their interesting ideas on how to stay warm while walking to and from school each day comes little educational lessons. That’s what I love about Tom Watson’s books. They’re always fun, entertaining & engaging books with a dash of education. One example: nuclear fission. To achieve nuclear fission, you must first have uranium. But uranium gets too hot if broken up, so Mr. Willow points out.

The group eventually finds the best way for them to stay warm.

You gotta read the book to find out just how they achieve their objective!

Genre: Children’s Literature, Fiction, Humor | Author: Tom Watson | Illustrator: Marta Kissi


“The weather outside is frightful! The temperature is dropping fast, and Rosie, Molly, and Simon are determined to come up with a way to keep their feet from freezing off on their walk to school.

But can they finish their plan before the next snow-pocalypse?”

Trouble At Table 5 series is published by HarperChapters, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Overall: 5 out of 5 Stars!

What did you think about this book? What did you think about all the ideas the trio came up along with their teacher, Mr. Willow?

Do you have any stories of your own how you overcame your own snow-pocalypse in your area?

Let me know in the comments!