5 Months In

And I’m Still Trying To Figure It Out

Fatherhood, That Is

Hello! Hola! Kon’nichiwa! Bonjour!

I’ve yet to find any books on fatherhood that is even remotely accurate to life with my now 5-month old daughter. There are, at least, a numerous amount of humorous books on the market on the topic of fatherhood, so that’s a plus. Alas, none remotely accurate.

It doesn’t mean it hasn’t been interesting, though.

Some days she will surprise us both by accomplishing development milestones while other days she’s too stubborn to do anything.

And as COVID-19 keeps us inside, I’m more so proud to be able to spend more time with her, experiencing more of her development…

…and attitude.

Suffice to say, both with COVID-19 and my daughter still being so young, finding time and a balance for writing has been nearly impossible. Hopefully this will change soon.

What are you doing to find balance during the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you have children and are struggling to find the same kind of balance?

Let’s discuss.

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