Right now, I’m sitting at a table at my local library. The tables are positioned along the outer edges against the floor-to-ceiling windows. A small lake sits right outside the windows. Bike and walking paths line the banks of the lake. There are cabanas with tables perfect for fishing or relaxing by the lake. Lush green trees are plenty in the area, including a shaded community playground. There is something for everyone here in this growing city. If I had a dog, I would surely take them to the dog park positioned at one corner of the lake. Of course, I’m sitting inside this expanding library with the air conditioning on. It’s above 110 degrees Fahrenheit right now. We’ve yet to touch the official start of summer here in Arizona (June 21st or 22nd) and already have had record-breaking temperatures, threatening a record-breaking drought, and water & energy cutbacks. Moving out of state is unfortunately not an option for the next 16 1/2 years due to personal circumstances so I must grin and bear this weather’s consequences. These last few years I had always considered moving to Oregon or Washington State. But it doesn’t mean I still can’t have a little bit of a change of pace, right?

A week ago, I stopped into my local library to check out some board books for my daughter. Working towards getting her to read more and watch television less has proven somewhat difficult. I will say, though, she does have a favorite bedtime book I read to her multiple times each night. But it’s time for a different book, right? One of the books I picked up last week is called “Bookstore Babies”. It’s about as long as her current bedtime book but a much more exciting story. Before checking it out, I thought to myself how cool it would be to one day own a copy for myself before realizing my dream of owning a bookstore myself someday.

This library took the time during the pandemic lockdowns to renovate and I couldn’t be happier that they did. I can now have a view of the community park while typing away like I am now doing. Headphones are on. The vibe of a library flowing around. I, an author, sitting among almost limitless knowledge. It’s a wonderful feeling. Though the chicken from Cane’s is sitting heavy in my stomach right now so it probably wasn’t a good idea to eat that before coming here, haha! So maybe not too wonderful of a feeling right now, haha!

I realized only until it was too late that I had left my composition books at home. Ya know, the ones with the rough drafts of my latest children’s book stories *sad face*. The plan was to do some writing here, both in the books and transcribing them into my Patreon account. Oh, well. Maybe next week. Tomorrow is Father’s Day so I won’t be coming back to the library but maybe I can coming to this library and writing a weekly tradition. It would surely cut down costs at home what with the electricity and such. And because of this heat right outside, you know I’m going to be drinking a lot more water than usual so I can either bring a water flask or water bottles with me.

This may just be the kind of change of pace I need.