I wanted to write a lengthy blog post about watching “Hemingway” on the Arizona PBS channel but found myself trying to write as he would write – to emulate his voice throughout. But alas I’m not Ernest Hemingway nor will ever be. How can someone live much less measure up to him in this life or the next? Even his own children spoke of him as if he were a god living among mortals. In the mini-documentary series, both Hemingway (voiced by Jeff Daniels) and the narrator Peter Coyote, left little to the imagination.

I’ll be the first to admit that as much reading I’ve done in my life, I have not read a single book by the illustrious author. Then again, the docuseries made me feel as though it wasn’t necessary. Still, found myself perusing Amazon’s next-day delivery for any one of his books.

What stood out for me was how much he described Paris in detail. I myself have always wanted to visit the most romantic capital of the world: walk along the river Seine, visit many pieces of Gothic architecture, listen to musical notes dance along with the aromas of freshly baked bread and pastries down a cobblestone street. Mostly, I would find myself in museums and historic bookshops. I find through the way he describes his time in Paris are all the subtleties in the mundane but with enough color to leave something more to be desired.

And that would be enough.

At least that is until reality settles in and you find yourself making the wrong decisions uprooting any Summerland you find on Earth.

In all, it’s about never taking things for granted.

Have you read any of his books? What is your favorite?