Alright, then. It’s a quarter till midnight but I meant to write this blog post earlier today. Why is that? It’s for a number of reasons, I’ll be honest. It’s because I’m awesome. Just kidding – it’s the formidable combo of a mental & developmental disorder. Specifically, I hyper-fixate on things that bring me a lot of joy, excitement, stimulation, and so on where I’ll lose complete track of time after starting with a 60-second video but now it has been several hours later e.g. six minutes to midnight in this scenario.

Five minutes. If you could have just five more minutes with any person from the literary world (alive or dead), who would it be?

What is mine?

Well, I’ll tell you who it’s not. My picks are certainly not going to be any of the standard dramatists many other authors by default choose i.e., William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Christopher Marlowe, George Bernard Shaw, and others. Nope. While I do enjoy the “classics” as many call them, I would much rather spend five minutes talking with Roald Dahl, Eric Carle, Beverly Cleary, or even Judy Blume. Dav Pilkey would certainly make the honorable mention list.

Let me know in the comments who would be your pick to spend five minutes with!

Oh, look at that. It’s nearly a quarter past midnight now.