Zero. I have read zero books this year so far. I know it’s only January but that’s no excuse. If I want to reach both my reading and writing goals this year, I need structure. But, hold on. I’m a single dad. Can I really have any resemblance of “structure”?

The answer is sort of.

I’m not only building structure for myself but for my child, too.

If I’m having this much difficulty, why should I continue maintaining a Patreon account? Though, a Patreon account should motivate me more in crafting new content on a consistent basis. The same goes for reading as Patreon is a well-rounded goal for 2022, too. Becoming less consistently inconsistent will certainly be a challenge along the way.

Writing this blog post counts as working towards my goals, right? Haha! For the month of February, I would like to complete reading at least five books. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Will I make that goal? It remains to be seen.

Check out future blog posts to see if I’ll hit my “all is lost” moment.