Nothing like driving yourself to the hospital when you think you’re having a heart attack at only 34 years old, only realizing later it was your worst panic attack yet. This reality sucks sometimes, you know?


When did this happen?!

It was earlier this year, but I vividly remember every detail of that night.

TL;DR Twenty-twenty-two has been a year for humbling me in some interesting ways. The incident put me on the path toward bettering my health. Since then, I’ve been diagnosed with hypotension (low blood pressure). More work is required. But the heart is doing just fine otherwise.

Each time I come across a tweet from a publisher announcing they’re open for querying, I get excited. Too excited. But, in the last two years, I have barely completed a single manuscript. A manuscript that has yet to go through editing. Every argument for completing a manuscript within an incredibly tight deadline runs through my brain. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “who writes a complete, submission-ready manuscript within days?!”

My immune system caught on. And so I became quite ill this past week and a half justifying writing a submission-ready manuscript within a ten-day window. Why? I was cramming massive work projects and running my primary business on top of doing the best I can in being a decent father.

It’s all a sign that my focus should be on creating a schedule…and sticking to it.

Less stress = better health…maybe?