Isn’t it amazing that I’m still alive? Haha!

I think it is.

This past Thursday, I received my second COVID-19 vaccination. I was expecting to feel the side effects almost right away like the first vaccination. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Later that same night, quite heavily began feeling the side effects of the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. Before I got the second shot, I had already heard the rumors that it’s often the “worst one” of the two. Each of them was right.

High fever, all-over body pain, headaches, could barely walk, difficulty breathing. It also caused a lack of eating and drinking leading to dehydration. Late Friday night, I began feeling incredibly dizzy while in the shower. Consequentially, I fell down in the shower, passed out for what felt like an hour but was merely two minutes. Again, all likely from dehydration, low blood sugar, and other factors. Early that same morning, my daughter’s grandmother picked her up so I could try and get as much rest as possible. Being a single dad and incredibly ill while taking care of a near 18-month-old toddler just doesn’t mix well. Saturday morning rolls around and I begin feeling much better, thankfully. But I also knew I wasn’t out of the woods just yet. Though, I wasn’t also quite prepared for how far from being out of the woods I truly was.

Later in the day on Saturday my daughter begins running a high fever as well.

Oh, joy!

As it turns out, she’s teething once again. This time, it’s her back molars. An old wife’s tale says these are what’s called “stomach teeth”. Disturbing name, I know. But what comes out of her is fouler. If you know what a teething toddler causes at this stage, then you know how, uh, well….messy, it can be. Let’s just say I haven’t had to change as many diapers since she was an infant.

Now that we have the health scare and gross stuff out of the way, let’s talk about writing.

On Patreon, the rough draft for chapter 1 of my latest DnD-inspired kidlit chapter book is available. Second, chapter two has been written but because of this latest health scare, haven’t had the time nor energy to submit it there. Maybe I’ll post the rough draft of chapter two tomorrow. So far, I’m two pages in for chapter three. It’s a safe bet I’ll have both chapter two and three rough drafts submitted this coming week. My personal writing goal is to have the entire book, at least the rough draft, completed by May 31st. The idea from there is to complete a final draft before by the early morning hours of June 3rd, the day of the next #PitMad event on Twitter. Then again, I’m not sure if I’ll pitch this book this time around.

While my first book was self-published on Amazon, I’m hoping to avoid that route from now on; I’m in this for the long-haul for traditional publication. I suppose it’s nice I already have my eye on a couple of publishers. But I won’t say who out of fear of jinxing the opportunity, haha!