Over the holidays, I’ve thought up some wonderful stories. The problem is, I didn’t write down most of them. But there has been one Steampunk story at the forefront of my brain. I have no idea what it’s about. I think I wrote some sort of plot point page recently. Again, I do not remember a single thing.

Has that happened to you as a writer?

Life has been so busy…well…no, well, kinda busy. The rest of the time I’ve been feeling lost. It is like I have lost all control of everything I once knew. And it seems I don’t know a damn thing anymore. What do they call it now? Have a poor “work-life balance”?

The other problem? I have a Patreon account collecting dust. It’s like I’ve yet again abandoned something I had an intense interest in.

Will I return to Patreon?

That remains to be seen. I mean, that’s the point of this post tonight. It’s all about figuring out what my next move is. Do I pull the trigger again on Patreon? Am I going to be consistent this time? Or am I going to be consistently inconsistent?

Even now, I am consistently inconsistent in keeping this blog updated, well, consistently. What even is the aim of this blog? There’s not much connection I’m having in a majority of writing communities. What am I really looking for?

Here I am laying in bed writing this blog post about figuring out what the heck to do next. It’s 12:31 am now. I started writing this blog post at 11:50 pm. It shouldn’t take me this long to write something like this.

I think this just all goes to show how out of practice I am. It’s terrible. It is all terrible. No wonder I haven’t kept up with my Patreon account in many weeks. Not to mention the online shop with writing-related t-shirts.

Do you have writing spells like this?

Or am I just going insane?

Honestly, I sometimes feel like Johnny Depp in that horrendous movie where he plays a writer, staring out a random window.

At least, I don’t think I’m going to insane and commit crime.

I think.

Anyways, please feel free to follow this blog as I breathe some new life in this blog and my Patreon.

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