Life Is Strange

Lorem Ipsum, huh? Cool, cool…..cooooool. Yeeeaaaahhhh, this is me writing something here because I can’t figure out what I would like to write about today. There’s…something…in my brain…Let’s put pen to paper, you ridiculous brain,.

Where You At, Brain?

It’s the ADHD for me, today. Two browser tabs open: one is playing rain and thunder aesthetic music and the other is playing Nujabes. It’s the perfect mood for me. A coffee cup is resting on my mousepad next to the, well, mouse. Between my arms on the glass table is a powder blue plate full of crescent roll crumbs; there’s one crescent roll left. Breakfast of champions, am I right? I’m trying to not spend as much money especially if I’m working toward a financial goal.

Where are you at, brain?

“Where is my mind” plays in the back of my mind. Damn it, I would rather listen to Nujabes right now and not that alternative rock song.

Nujabes’ music is incredibly intelligent, in my opinion. Am I saying that right? I don’t know. I don’t care. Moving on now.

“It’s funny how music puts time into perspective” is a great line in one of his tracks. The entire “Luv(sic)” track series is incredible, too.

Nujabes (Jun Yamada) reminds me of how everything is possible in life.

May he rest in peace.

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