Life has been a rollercoaster as of late. Tha-that’s the nicest way I’m going to put it.

Twenty-four hours after posting a plea for others to get vaccinated, to wear their masks, etc., I receive a text message stating my father may have Covid-19. They took an at-home kit. All the others in the household tested negative. Later the same day, a rapid test at the doctors confirmed the diagnosis. Two days later, my seven-year-old nephew who lives with my parents (their grandparents), tests positive after exhibiting symptoms. Another day rolls by & my father is taken to the hospital. My nephew seems to be doing okay, now three days later.

My fathers’ chest x-rays confirmed Covid-19 related pneumonia and are now oxygen-dependent because his levels continue dropping below 90 without it.

I’m not going to shy away from the facts of what my anxiety is making me think and feel. It’s intense. It’s incredibly emotionally difficult. The better part of this is the more I’m self-aware of this kind of anxiety, the more I can “control” it. Even if I do some breathing exercises all the while.

On top of all this, taking on a heck of a lot more work as a business owner/freelancer.

Stress, right?

Things haven’t been too bad, though.

I recently came across a Facebook post of an independent filmmaker I follow there asking if any of his followers have written a short story that would like to be made into a ten-minute film. Of course, I said, “me!” A moment later, I receive a Facebook notification on my phone. It’s him.

“Send it! :)” his response.

The next few moments were filled with instant panic frozen in a mesh-backed hair. I had always thought about turning the short story into a short film so of course, I’m not going to pass up this opportunity. The only problem is is that I have to update it for the modern era i.e. 2020s. Right now, it’s set in an Oscar Wilde, late 19th-century era. How am I going to accomplish this? I have no idea. But it should be fun, though.

Imagine if the story update does get picked up by him, officially. Honestly, I wish I could say who it is but let’s just say their recent projects have been smash hits in the indie film world. I’ve heard their latest film received a few awards as well.

Well, it’s dinner time and I must go.

Bye, for now.