April 3rd, 2021

Hi! How have you been? How was your week?

Did you finish last week’s writing prompt?

Don’t worry, neither did I.

There was so much happening this past week, it’s ridiculous. Let’s start with the fact I came in contact with possible sex traffickers in front of my local Target store.

Long story short, the situation was quickly reported to police by yours truly but it still left a mark. Listen, I was in the Army for several years. There was much I expected to find and see during my time as a mortarman/infantryman. Safe to say, I found about half of those expectations and content with the fact I didn’t experience the second half. But I didn’t ever expect to come across a situation such as confronting possible sex traffickers, much less the idea of confronting sex traffickers in my town.

It left a mark for several days after because it directly involved my 16-month-old daughter and myself. Frankly, my hands kind of shaking right now, if I’m honest, typing that last sentence.

Let’s change gears for the rest of this newsletter, yeah?

Jacob Thomas

Jacob Thomas


Jacob Thomas is a children’s book & humorous fiction book writer, father, person with autism, someone’s best friend, pluviophile, bibliophile, and so many other things!

This Week’s Writing Tip

This week’s writing tip also comes from Gary Provost, like last weeks writing tip:

Longer words are not always better.

Quick Point:

Nobel Prize winner, Ernest Hemingway, who lands on almost everybody’s list of great American writers, was a miser when it came to syllables and words. Almost 100% of The Sun Also Rises is written with words no longer than two syllables.

What Do You Think Of This Week’s Writing Tip?

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Author Life

This week, I haven’t had much time to write anything in my latest manuscripts. What I have been able to do is catch up on reading Magnus Chase, Pokemon Adventures Vol. 1, and My Hero Academia Vol. 1.

Fun Tip: If you ever get nostalgic like I always do, put on some Pokemon Red music as you’re reading Pokemon Adventures Volume 1. Trust me, you will be elated.

Earlier this week, I picked up a new composition book at Target as I had already filled up the pages in all my other ones. It’s ridiculous how expensive they’re getting. Yeah, I could have purchased them from Wal-Mart but let’s just say I have personal issues with that company. But I digress.

Yesterday, I stopped by my mother’s place to assist her with some things around the house as she is not able to do so much anymore these days. Five minutes after arriving, I was surprised with a small but kind of heavy Amazon Prime box.

Turns out, she had ordered a TON of composition books that were on sale! She had mentioned the price I paid for ONE book and started doing some digging for some deals herself.

Thanks, Mom! Love you!

Side Note: I will never be ashamed of my love and respect for my mother, even at 33 years old. I’m honored to be her son. Yes, I am a grown man. Yes, I own and manage a successful business. Yes, I am a father. But I will still show respect and love for her as she has shown the same, even during difficult times.

Needless to say, I’m ecstatic about these new books and am looking forward to breaking open the box.

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

Have you heard about the SCBWI?

It is an international professional organization for authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults.


Benefits of joining the SCBWI include Promotional Opportunities, Awards and Grants, Regional Chapters, Information Resources, and More!

One of the best benefits is the promotional opportunities where you can increase your sales and readership by participating in many marketing and outreach programs, win grants and awards, boosting your visibility.

I’m considering registering for the Arizona chapter.

“The Arizona region covers a large geographic area with a diverse membership of individuals at all stages of writing, illustrating, and publishing in the children’s book marketplace.” – Sharon Skinner – Regional Advisor SCBWI AZ

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This Week’s Writing Prompt

Every week, I’d like to give you, my wonderful newsletter members, a writing prompt challenge.

The goal each week is to challenge you in writing a short story in seven days with the prompt that I provide every week. You can share your results on your blog, in my email, or on social media. Or maybe a mix.

Take a look at this week’s writing prompt and feel free to leave some feedback.

“Write about someone who goes to great lengths to avoid being pranked on April 1st, only to realize they had the date wrong and it’s already April 2nd.”