2:00 AM

Short Story Written by Jacob Thomas

The widow down the hall in the nursing home lied there quietly, taking in short breaths, preparing to slip away into the midnight void. It is two in the morning and all the orderlies and staff members have already gone home a few short hours prior, leaving the deafening silence fill the home.

There is no light except for the full moon shining in through the open windows. Gloria’s room had only a small sliver of moon light shining through her blinds, illuminating her wrinkled and black spotted hand.

“Was it worth it?” she quietly asked but into a seemingly dark and empty room.

“For you….always,” a soft voice answered.

A tear fell from her eye as she made a sly smile, slowly drawing her final breath.

Suddenly, a golden hue had begun to form over her like a hundred tiny firefly’s, disappearing through the window and into the heavens.


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