The Monster

Microfiction Written by Jacob Thomas

A monster laid there in his bed, typing away on the keyboard, filling the blank pages of a story. Only this story isn’t really his story – no. This story is about the many little voices that linger in the air and just outside of ear-shot. The voices are there, though. He could hear them whispering away while simultaneously shouting. Yet, he could never make out the words these disembodied voices muttered.

Like I said, this story is about the countless floating echoes that glide along the leaves on the tree branch just outside this monsters’ window.

What are they saying now? He thought to himself.

It wasn’t until this night the monster realized why he needed some sort of constant sound playing at night so he could fall asleep. This particular monster never felt a tinge of fear for missing out what’s on the television – no. The monster realized it was meant for drowning out the quiet yet booming voices should he not do so each night. Each night spent in silence meant the voices grew more aggressive, softer yet louder.

One night, the voices stopped and the monster knew not why.

He woke the next morning to floods of tears from howling cries on the rays of sunlight entering his bedroom.

There, standing at the monsters bedside were strange beasts dressed in white, taking his picture; he couldn’t move a single muscle.

Sunlight began to fade as darkness began to drape from the monsters feet and towards his face.

Again, there was silence and the darkness still did not lift.

Suddenly, the voices returned – distant but only this time….

….this time he couldn’t believe it.

The voices this monster heard spoke nothing but of kindness – what a gentle creature he had been.

Loved by all one voice he heard say.

Another voice came along, making jokes at this monster’s expense. He couldn’t understand why but it made the other voices…happy.

A smile began to curl at the corner of the monster’s lips as a soft white light appeared before him.

The monster felt….free.

That monster…

…well, that monster was me.


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