Weekly Roundup #2

Weekly Roundup #2

Weekly Roundup #2

Weekly Roundup – January 21st, 2020

Welcome to the second edition (a day late, but oh well) of “weekly roundup”; a new weekly blog post discussing the latest updates from my own writing adventures, the world of literature, Twitter, and more.

As the weekly roundup segment grows, so too will the type of discussions had here.

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Reading, Reading, and More Reading

Quick Note: We are now just past the first week Over The Creek has been on Amazon. Woohoo!

The day after my book was published through Kindle Direct Publishing, I was inspired to write another 32 page children’s book to which I may illustrate myself.

If you want to be a better writer, read. Read, a LOT. Right?

That seems to be the general consensus among numerous writing communities both on and off the media so it holds some kind of weight.

Dan Gutman is a children’s book author I have been reading a lot of this week and last. Almost his entire series can be found at my library nearby right now. I highly recommend his work.

Find Me On Twitter

Come find me on twitter! 

On Twitter, not only do I work to promote my book, but share other writers’ works as well. Using the hashtag “#WritingCommunity”, I like to connect with other writers, asking various questions, keeping things lively and engaging. Just last week alone, I earned 300+ followers.

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That’s it for Weekly Roundup #2.

Check back every Monday for a new roundup post and more.

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