#AuthorAugust22 Day 31

#AuthorAugust22 Day 31

⭐️ Day 31 Prompt: Celebrate Yourself and Something You’re Proud Of ⭐️

It’s Day 31 of #AuthorAugust22, the final prompt in a series by @mariahankenman!

I made it. 31 posts in 31 days.

In celebration of completing all 31 days, I’m going to take my daughter to the library. Sadly, I have a dental appointment right after. I’m not looking forward to that. And if I’m not in too much pain tonight following today’s procedure, I may try getting some writing done.

All in all, I’m really happy I was able to complete this prompt series, despite me being a children’s book writer and not a romance writer.

Should I try my hand at writing something in the romance genre? 🤔

Let me know in the comments.

#AuthorAugust22 Day 30

#AuthorAugust22 Day 30

⭐️ Day 30 Prompt: Tuesday Teaser: Post A Short Snippet From Your WIP ⭐️

It’s Day 30 of #AuthorAugust22, a prompt series by @mariahankenman!

It’s 8:37am writing this post out. Shower done, coffee made, and now on here posting the second to the final prompt of the month. Today is going to be weird for me as it’s the 1st anniversary of my father’s passing, a day where I need to be on the ball about completing this work project, all while consoling others at dinner later.

“Pumpkins. Apple Pie. And freshly baked bread. It was the best start to this year’s Pumpkin Fair and costume contest.”

Since it’s only a 25-page picture book, I don’t have much to share. I mean, I could share content from other larger WIPs but I don’t feel confident enough in them to publicly share any part of them for now.

Last night, though, I sent out a copy of the draft to a few people. I’m excited about receiving their feedback.

I can’t think of much else right now for this post so……see you later?

#AuthorAugust22 Day 29

#AuthorAugust22 Day 29

⭐️ Day 29 Prompt: Confession Time: How Many Notebooks Do You Own? ⭐️

It’s Day 29 of #AuthorAugust22, a prompt series by @mariahankenman!

Good morning, it’s 8:31am. How was your weekend? Long day ahead here. But, I have some delicious coffee and other medicine to get me going this morning.

Up until two-three years ago, I was the “write everything in word” kind of writer. Since then, I’m a notebook writer. Before I moved into my current place in 2018, I threw many of my old notebooks. They were merely scribbles for the most part. Nothing exciting.

A few months ago, though, I began collecting notebooks from amazon (don’t judge), Target, and Wal-Mart. It’s more than likely, though, I don’t have as many notebooks as most writers who prefer them over digital. Off the top of my head, I can give a confident guesstimate of about twenty notebooks (so far).

Writing in notebooks has been more freeing lately as I spend most of my work day/week in front of a computer screen. When you write so much content for clients online, the stress sort of spills out from the screen and into my personal life. So, being able to switch things up is kind of therapeutic.

How about yooouuu?? Will you confessssss how many notebooks YOU haaaavee?

#AuthorAugust22 Day 28

#AuthorAugust22 Day 28

⭐️ Day 28 Prompt: If You Weren’t A Writer, What Would You Do? ⭐️

It’s Day 28 of #AuthorAugust22, a prompt series by @mariahankenman!

Can I get through ONE monsoon season without my little one, their mom, and me all getting sick? That would be great.

In the beginning, marketing was my passion. I opened a marketing business back in 2017 because I also got tired of working for other people. Funny how that works. I had put both writing and other hobbies/passion on the back burner as a result. Also, as a result, it made me feel more miserable.

If I were to give up writing tomorrow, what would I be doing instead, if anything at all?

Probably get back into game design and development. Jump from one creative career to another all the while still working for another marketing company. Gotta pay the bills.

The goal, however, is to one day open up my own indie bookstore which I guarantee will leave me with less time for following my passion for writing.

So, if I wasn’t a writer, what would I be doing?

Running a bookstore is the preferable choice.

How about you? What would you be doing if you weren’t a writer?

#AuthorAugust22 Day 27

#AuthorAugust22 Day 27

⭐️ Day 27 Prompt: Where Are You? Word Count Check In or Status Update ⭐️

It’s Day 27 of #AuthorAugust22, a prompt series by @mariahankenman!

At the time of me writing out today’s prompt post, I’m laying down on the couch, barely sleeping, agitated, and having a lack of focus. Today marks 5 years since my brother lost his battle with #mentalhealth. Today, I’ll be visiting his grave. So, please forgive me if today’s content is a bit sparse.

I only have a status update, I suppose.

Last night, I began #writing out the first draft of a children’s book WIP for critique groups. It feels nice knowing it’s almost at the finish line. But I’m incredibly anxious about it as well.

Lately, I feel as though I’m making some headway in my journey as an #author, but of course, there’s still so far to go.

I’ve always considered writing a children’s book with a mental health focus as “therapy” but I think it only makes me feel worse about it when I give it a try each time. There’s some irony in there but I don’t feel like unpacking that right now.

Anyways, I hope you all have a good weekend.

Love you. Be good. Be safe.