Tick, Tick, Tick

Tick, Tick, Tick

Stubborn. Stubborn like an old farm animal. They appear when they’re least wanted. When they’re the least useful. It’s my writing ghost. Or a ghost writer?


It’s the stubborn phantom standing over my shoulder who enjoys repeating the word “ghost”, “ghost”, “ghost” over and over and over. Imagine it. Writing ghost, then deleting. Type Ghost, delete word, repeat. It’s a tick.

Tick – Tick – Tick

ADHD? Autism Spectrum? What about for someone who has (or is?) both?

Writing that five letter word over and over really helps me when I’m stuck. It helps me think. Weird, I know. But it’s interesting, isn’t it? We all have our little things we do when we’re writing – what helps get where we wanna go with the story.

What’s yours?

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Living With ADHD As A Writer

About time. It’s only a quarter past ten at night so this is a big development. Why is that? Well, it’s for a number of reasons, really. In short, it means I am getting better. I’m getting better at writing a little bit earlier in the night so I’m not forcing out a bunch of rambling thoughts that seemingly have little to no connection between one another.

Here’s the thing, though. Another ten minutes just went by between the end of that last sentence and the start of this one.


Rick Steve’s Europe just came on. Knowing me, the random history buff with a passive interest in European gothic architecture, history of its food, and other aspects of various cultures, it’s going to continue in taking my attention away from writing.

Fun Fact: King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215.

Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda Fitzgerald, and William Styron, suffered from mental illness. Agatha Christie, also. But let’s focus specifically on ADHD.

Did you know famous children’s book writer & illustrator Dav Pilkey also has ADHD? How about Rick Riordan? I bring those two up specifically because of how much just these two have revolutionized the literary world of today – how we perceive blending myth with reality and just plain silly fun.

Are people with ADHD bad at writing?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has many unique traits and some similar. Because of that, ADHD impacts every person differently. In this instance, it’s 12:26am now writing this latest sentence.

So, we’re not bad at writing, per se, but we are bad with time management. Some people with ADHD are better than others with time management but that just illustrates my point that ADHD impacts everyone differently.

Oh, look. Hey, Arnold! is coming on on the Nick Rewind channel.

We each have it within us to determine what works for us specifically and not as a group. It’s uncomfortable and frustrating figuring it out but it’s incredibly worth it in the end. So don’t let other people, especially other “writers” and “authors”, tell you how you should better manage your time as a writer with ADHD.

You got this!

Autism Journal #1

Earlier tonight, as I sat out on my back porch getting a bit of fresh air, the beginnings of a monsoon storm started rolling in. My senses already heightened from the stress of the holiday, I opened my phone and began writing some notes on what was happening around me. And for no particular reason, I had the idea of writing what I wrote in the notes app on here – simply titled, “Autism Journal”.

I’m sitting down on the concrete floor of my back patio as a dust storm builds. The heavy winds come and go, nothing consistent. The smell of rain lingers in the air. A trickle of heavy raindrops runs through every few minutes for seconds at a time. The air is getting thicker with the mixed scent of rain, dust, and pollen.

The sound of low rumbling thunder goes off in the distance.

Did I mention I have my headphones on? Bob’s Burgers is playing on YouTube TV. The kids are bribing Mr. Frond.

Alerts pop up across my phone screen for a flash flood warning in effect till midnight.

More trickling rain glides along with the swirling wind. *How’s that for a bit of “creative writing”?*

More thunder now. This one was shorter. A much larger one followed a minute later.

The air is now mellow, and sweet.

More frequent thunder. A large boom above me, sending a bird fleeing from the tree on the other side of this patio fence.

There are kids stupidly playing outside as the heavy dust storm begins to pass through. Higher winds now. Stronger.

If there’s any upside to this storm is the lack of ability in launching off fireworks. I can only hope and wish the storm remains long enough through the holiday.

So there you have it. The first in a series of poorly written journals and for reasons I do not know.