The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: The Fuzzy Apocalypse

Whoa. It’s been a minute since I was last around, huh? Well, there has been some family tragedy and a number of other micro-incidents these last few weeks that have pulled me away from everything. But, good news. I am back for another book review. Are you ready? Because I’m ready to rock & roll with these cool book reviews. In fact, I have three. I have three books I’m bringing to you tonight so buckle up – it’s going to be fun.

First off, happy Fall. Fall and Winter are my top two favorite seasons. Why? Because I live in Arizona so of course I’m going to take every advantage of slightly cooler weather, haha.

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Next up on my queue of book reviews is a brilliant, light-hearted, humorous adventure fiction book by Jonathan Messinger and Aleksei Bitskoff. The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian (cool name): The Fuzzy Apocalypse is Book 1 of a series based on the award-winning podcast of the same name.

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: The Fuzzy Apocalypse by Jonathan Messinger & Aleksei Bitskoff

Genre: Adventure Fiction, Science Fiction, Children’s Literature, Humor | Author: Jonathan Messinger | Illustrator: Aleksei Bitskoff


Explorer Troop 301 tries to save an exploding planet from a fluffy bunny and a devious alien in the first book of this funny, highly illustrated chapter book series based on the award-winning kids’ podcast!

Eight-year-old Finn is the first kid born in space and he spends his days looking for a new planet to call him with his three best friends and his robot, Foggy.

He’s used to wild, galaxy hopping adventures. But when Explorer Troop 301 gets stuck on a planet that’s about to explode, Finn and his friends will have to face giant aliens, a leader with mind control powers, and one evil, fluffy bunny rabbit in order to save the planet . . . and themselves.

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Alright, so, this book was something out of the left-field for me. That’s not to say the book was in any way bad. It wasn’t. It’s great, even. Perhaps my favorite character from the book is Foggy with the robots slapstick style of comedy. Or perhaps a perfect glimpse into exactly how audiences this book is meant for would create their own robot buddy. Either way, the delivery is superb all throughout the book with each character interaction. Some moments do drag on a bit, though. But the book kicks right back up leaving you on the edge with its lightning-quick wit and action.

My favorite moment from this book is when Foggy comes face to face with his own “It was at this moment that he knew, he messed up” moment. Yes, I know. I am 33 years old but that scene is downright hilarious and still makes me laugh every time I read it.

Each character is relatable, each dealing with both their own limitations and their strengths. And in one scene, combining both in overcoming the hold on them by the “Great and Wondrous Doug!”. There are many moments that keep you guessing and some I too was surprised by.

If Doug can do anything, so can you!

So go be your awesome self!

Just don’t be Doug.

Overall: 4 Out of 5 Stars!