Book Review #3: You Are My Magical Unicorn

Book Review #3: You Are My Magical Unicorn

Book Review #3

You Are My Magical Unicorn

You Are My Magical Unicorn

Hello! Hola! Hallo! Kon’nichiwa! Bonjour!

Delving into a book with a My Little Pony-esque tone focusing on self-empowerment.

Author & Illustrator: Joyce Wan

You Are My Magical Unicorn was first published in 2019 by Scholastic Inc.

Let’s get down to the review!


You Are My Magical Unicorn is a beautifully written & illustrated board book focusing on self-empowerment, filled with simple life lessons even its intended audience (ages 3-5) can understand. What drew my attention to this book is its bright yet subtle color palettes, reminiscent of a My Little Pony inspiration.

Board book synopsis:

“Sparkle and dazzle wherever you go. You’re more amazing than you know! 

Do you believe in magic?

With Joyce Wan, the sky’s the limit in this delightful, encouraging storybook featuring a lovable unicorn and an even more loving message of hope, persistence, and heart. And at the end of the story you can’t help but snuggle up with your own magical unicorn to remind them that “Baby, I believe in you!”

A wondrous celebration of the magical spark in every child from today’s preeminent board and picture book creator!”

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Joyce Wan Books

Joyce Wan is a wonderful author & illustrator of best-selling books such as You Are My Cupcake, The Whale in My Swimming Pool, Sleepyheads, and more!

To date, Joyce Wan has published more than two dozen children’s books, including the aforementioned You Are My Cupcake.

She is also the recipient of the Mills-Tannenbaum Award for Children’s Literacy from Reach Out and Read of Greater New York which recognizes children’s book authors dedicated to promoting a lifelong love of reading in young children.

Image of Author-Illustrator Joyce Wan

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