Trouble At Table 5: I Can’t Feel My Feet

Mission: Brrr-ing It On!

That’s what the kids of Table 5 called their latest hijinx as they work together to overcome a common problem: science! It’s Winter for our protagonists in Book #4 by Tom Watson Trouble At Table 5: I Can’t Feel My Feet. Simon finds himself in hot water with teacher Mr. Willow as Simon once again lets excitement get the best of him when he is supposed to be quiet now that class has started. But can you blame him? Simon was coming up with some great ideas on how the group can stay warm when walking to school each morning during the Winter. Well, maybe not all of them were “great”, per se, but once Simon gets going it’s hard to get him to notice when he needs to be quiet.

Through each of their interesting ideas on how to stay warm while walking to and from school each day comes little educational lessons. That’s what I love about Tom Watson’s books. They’re always fun, entertaining & engaging books with a dash of education. One example: nuclear fission. To achieve nuclear fission, you must first have uranium. But uranium gets too hot if broken up, so Mr. Willow points out.

The group eventually finds the best way for them to stay warm.

You gotta read the book to find out just how they achieve their objective!

Genre: Children’s Literature, Fiction, Humor | Author: Tom Watson | Illustrator: Marta Kissi


“The weather outside is frightful! The temperature is dropping fast, and Rosie, Molly, and Simon are determined to come up with a way to keep their feet from freezing off on their walk to school.

But can they finish their plan before the next snow-pocalypse?”

Trouble At Table 5 series is published by HarperChapters, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Overall: 5 out of 5 Stars!

What did you think about this book? What did you think about all the ideas the trio came up along with their teacher, Mr. Willow?

Do you have any stories of your own how you overcame your own snow-pocalypse in your area?

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