No Bones Day

Waking up in a massive amount of pain is never fun for anyone. That was my morning. Not only was I suffering from a chronic pain flare-up, but heavy allergies as well. Rummaged through my medicine cabinet – no dayquil, no zyrtec. All that was left were two nyquil gel capsules. Didn’t have any plans for today so why not go back to bed? Popped the last two gel capsules, grabbed a drink, and went back to sleep.

Three hours went by before waking. Felt so much better than this morning. Only downside of waking up after three hours was finding out my late fathers favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, lost against the Denver Broncos. Oh, well.

I lied. I did plan on reading and writing this morning while laying in bed. Obviously, that didn’t pan out. Oh, well. Maybe I can do some reading and writing tonight. Well, write anything other than this blog post. We shall see, if anything, how much gets done.

I haven’t written anything in quite some time, unfortunately. I’m hoping to change that starting tomorrow (Monday). Funny thing – that. Always electing to start a new task on a Monday. The same has been said more times than I care to admit concerning losing weight, changing diet, etc. Again, we shall see how much gets done starting tomorrow.