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Forty-seven. Forty-seven tries so far writing this blog post. Nah. That’s hyperbolic because it doesn’t take forty-seven tries to write a blog post. Then again, is it? Is it hyperbole when I’ve spent the last two hours thinking of what to write, how I should write the blog post, how I should edit and format it, and where I will post it to?

By now, I’m sure you can see I have no idea what I should write right now.

“Practice, Practice, Practice”

“Practice Makes Perfect” they all continue shouting.

Yesterday was July 1st. I could have started writing yesterday as “day one” of a 30-day writing challenge. Well, a self-writing challenge. But here’s the thing: I normally only have my daughter half the week. It’s been two weeks now. Why? Her mom and others have either been exposed to or contracted covid. For safety reasons, she’s been with me since. I’m not complaining – it’s just stressful. It was a nice bit of relief last night once she laid down for bed, though. But, as a result, writing has been stagnant for about a week now.

I’m a subscriber to the Highlights magazines. They have cute micro-fiction inside most issues. This morning, I was reading through the latest two issues, learning all I can about their writing styles, lengths, tone, and so on.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have my own story featured in a Highlight magazine issue someday?

In the latest issue, Violet LeMay, one of the people I follow on Instagram and Facebook, illustrated a cute poem insert. Powerful stuff. You should check out their work on Instagram, including their art featuring the twenty-one victims of the Uvalde school shooting.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to read more books lately. A week ago, I purchased two new books: Magic Tree House #1 and The Babysitters Club #1. Cute novellas. Magic Tree House #1 not only left me feeling nostalgic but inspired, too. It’s “little” novella series like MTH that inspire my own works-in-progress.

What are your favorite novellas?

Are they from your childhood or recent?

Also, what are your favorite guides for improving your writing?

Let me know in the comments!