84 Days

84 Days

84 days. In 84 days, I’ll be traveling to Portland, Oregon. I’m excited! I’ll be flying from Phoenix to Portland this October for a concert at the Roseland Theater. First, I’ve always wanted to check out the Roseland Theater. Second, one of my favorite bands ever, One Ok Rock, is the headliner. I can’t wait!

Here are some fun facts about Oregon:

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and is formed in the remains of an ancient volcano. There are no rivers flowing into or out of the lake; the evaporation is compensated for by rain and snowfall at a rate such that the total amount of water is replaced every 250 years. Did you know there are two islands in Crater Lake called Wizard Island and Phantom Ship?

Have you heard about Sea Lion Caves? They’re totally a thing! In 1880 a sea cave was discovered near what is now known as Florence. Sea Lion Caves is known to be the largest sea cave in the world.

Sea Lion Caves is a privately owned wildlife preserve and bird sanctuary (since 1932) centrally located just 11 miles north of Florence on the beautiful and rugged Oregon Coast. Sea Lion Caves is proud to be part of the Oregon/Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve helping to protect the local marine animals and marine environment. Sea Lion Caves is America’s largest sea cave and the year-round home of the Steller sea lion, but sea lions are not always in the Cave. Learn More.


These are two places I would like to visit the next two times I’m there. Crater Lake will be easier for visiting this year, though.

Have you been to Oregon or you’re from the beautiful, green state?

Let me know your favorite spots in the comments below!