Ridgeline – Part 1

Short Story Written by Jacob Thomas

Eoin sat alone along the ridge at the turn-around point of the Sunset Trail. He stared out across the valley towards the setting sun, silently wishing his year-old daughter was doing well with her mother. Looking back, he couldn’t help but wonder what else he could have done to make things work with her mother.

The sound of laughter from two young kids with their parents coming up on the turn-around point broke his train of thoughts. A moment later, Eoin began making his way down the mountain with tourists and locals alike.

Behind the courteous yet half-hearted smiles flashed as he passed by, he couldn’t help but wonder whether their lives were as trifling as his own. 

A beautiful woman a short distance ahead lead the way. Quietly, Eoin hoped to find any excuse to strike up a conversation. Would he find any relevance from her as compared to his own life?

After all, Eoin was not looking for a woman to replace his daughters’ mother, but perhaps to find a sense of belonging once more.

Well, that was a waste, he thought to himself – now only a few steps away from his car.

Before he left the mountain in a cloud of dust behind him, he put a playlist on labeled “Depression”.

“Maybe next week,” he whispered as the music began to play.

Maybe not.

Eoin’s daughter, only a little over a year old now, is soon being dropped off at his place for the weekend.

And he couldn’t be happier.