Writing Progress

Hello, there! Wow, it’s been, uh, what…10 days now since I’ve last written a blog post for someone that wasn’t a client? Sheesh! Weird.

Anyways, I’m back now after a short but intensive spell with depression. Yeah, it sucked but it gave me a lot of excellent insight I wasn’t expecting so early in this stage of my life. But you don’t want to hear about all of that, do you? Well, at least not in this blog post anyways. It doesn’t say “let’s talk about mental health”, it says “Writing Progress” in the title. And those are the only two words in the title. I’m rambling now because I think this Dr. Pepper is starting to kick in.

Long story short, I feel as though I have found a book worth writing for that speaks to all my loves i.e. fantasy, reading, roleplaying games, writing, finding acceptance. That…that last one, let’s not worry about that last one. The book I’m now in the middle of writing is a DnD, or Dungeon’s and Dragons, inspired book with a touch of Judy Moody styling.

🧙‍♂️ I’ve always been a bit of a nerd and DnD is where it’s at.

As it is in fiction, there are virtually no limits to what you can do, where you can go. It requires using as little or as much imagination as you’d like. That’s what I love about writing, too. You can find yourself completely immersed in an otherwise highly fantastical world you’ve created as though you were their god or goddess. In DnD, you can escape from the pressures of being someone you’re not. How much of yourself you embed into your characters is your call. You can become someone or something you’ve always wanted.

That is what this book is all about.

So far, I’ve written rough drafts for the first two chapters, nearly ten pages in total this weekend alone. That may not seem like much, but I’ll take this level of progress at face value given where I came from these last ten days.

I can confidently say I may have finally found my “writing rhythm”, albeit unconventional, but a rhythm nonetheless.

If you’d like to get behind-the-scenes access to this book i.e. previewing the rough and final drafts as they come along, you can sign up to become an “official patron” on my Patreon.

Book #Progress – Well, Hmm…

Well, things didn’t go quite according to plan this week. Plans fail – it’s about how you react to that failure that counts most. I didn’t receive any invites from agents nor publishers for yesterday’s #PitMad event on Twitter. That’s a good thing. It means my book isn’t quite ready yet. I consider it a gentle nudge from the universe/Gods/Goddesses that keeps me honest.

I’m sure every writer and aspiring author goes through phases thinking “this will sell”, “this book has potential”, “this book will resonate well”, blah-blah-blah! Though it’s up to the market at the time, there will always be a bit of pride and a kind of bias that exists at the back of your brain, even if it flops. We then become the definition of insanity – repeating the same processes over and over again expecting different results.

It’s addicting.

But it’s part of being a writer.

Becoming a better writer should be a top priority for every publish-hopeful author. And for me, the second act is the hardest of the three acts of storytelling. We all have our weaknesses – for some, it’s the first act. For some, it’s the third act. Either way, books are completed & published because they don’t give up. They keep writing, and reading, and writing, and reading more books. Perseverance is key.

Even though I still pitched a manuscript knowing full well it wasn’t “ready”, blinded by my own bias & my own pride – leaving me feeling defeated – I’m still going to pitch again later. By the next time #PitMad comes around on June 3rd, 2021, there will be more complete books to pitch with. Again, never give up!

Did you pitch your manuscript this year?

Book #Progress

Well, here it is.

I’m writing a book. Started it on Sunday, hoping to finish writing it before March 4th at 6 am. And, yes, that means writing and editing. I know, I know – the title of my last post is “Yeah, I’m Crazy.” There was a reason for that. That reason is trying to write a small humorous fiction/children’s book in full before the aforementioned deadline. And I asked you all to follow the #progress tag in my posts for updates relating to writing this Junie B. Jones-esque tale.

The latest news?

Two chapters are down and 1,600 words in.

See? Told you this book will be small.

The hardest part of all this is trying to write without editing as I go. I want this book to be perfect but I don’t want to keep stalling on getting this book written & submission ready.

Keep following the #progress tag for more updates!

Yeah, I’m Crazy

Yeah, I’m Crazy

Well, March 4th, 2021 is only 6 days away at the time of this post. What’s so special about March 4th? Well, that’s the first #PitMad event (by Pitch Wars) of the year. If you’ve been following me for the last six months, you’ll know what #PitMad is. But if you don’t, check this out!

It’s crazy because a few posts ago I said I was getting started around back then towards a new children’s book. However, life has gotten in the way of writing and many other things I haven’t felt the “motivation” to write new content.

Now I’m back!

And short on time.

There have been some great things this year so far, though, I’m happy to say.

I’ve landed a part-time position as a Community Manager at a publishing house based out of Washington state.

Safe to say I’ve been on a “high” since I landed that job. It’s like a dream come true, honestly. I’ve always wanted to work for a publishing house, no matter how big or how small. Being in a position related to the creative side of the book/publishing industry, it’s *chef’s kiss*.

There are so many opportunities and opportunities for growth in the current publishing industry, it’s electrifying, to say the least. While 2% growth in 2019 doesn’t seem like much, it’s a sign of positive things to come for the industry, creatives overall, including budding authors from all genres.

Learn More About The Growth Here

Writing, Writing, and, uh, MORE Writing

Lately, I’ve started reading a classic from the ’90s: Junie B. Jones. The main character, Junie, sorry, Junie B. (the B stands for Beatrice) Jones, is quite the sassy first-grader in every sense of the word as she learns to adjust from being at home to now experiencing elementary school. It’s comical and pushed the envelope during its first few books. Not only that, the author – Barbara Park – perfectly encapsulates all the raw emotions with a mix of comedy thrown in when navigating new experiences like school; how scary it can be, how awesome it can be, and how nice it can be to make some new friends. That is my aim for my books this year.

When Mrs. Park was asked if she liked writing Junie B. Jones more than any other book she’s written, her response:

“Writing about Junie B. is a lot of fun, but I know her so well now, it’s like writing about an old friend. The truth is, I usually end up liking almost all the characters in my books. So a lot of my characters feel just as special to me as Junie B. Jones does.”

Sadly, Barbara Park passed away Friday, November 15th, 2013, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

While I could never live up to Mrs. Parks’ name I one day would love to have a book published in her honor. It’s even more special to me because I myself am from Arizona with connections to New Jersey (where she was born).

With that said, tonight I’m focusing on building an outline for new books inspired by the Junie B. Jones series up to and including writing a rough draft (target: 5,000 – 7,000 words) by tomorrow at midnight.

Follow the #progress tag for every update related to this work-in-progress 🙂

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

Here I am, sitting on my couch, typing this blog post about setting goals. Bob’s Burger’s is on TV, my toddler is asleep in her crib. And I have a headache. It’s been a long day, to say the least. A long day of working to accomplish day one goals.

Last night, I read a book by Brian Tracy called “Personal Success”. The book focuses on managing both your personal and professional lives, respectively. It’s filled with exercises at the end of each chapter to reflect on the chapter before prior to starting the next chapter or “phase”, as I like to call it. One of the exercises was about learning how to set realistic goals with realistic timelines or deadlines, as it were. Avoiding shortcuts was the emphasis of most of the content of the book. Instead, address what you can really focus on that has the biggest impacts on your immediate life rather than, say, five or ten years from now. It all adds up to what happens in five or ten years of course but it’s all about the baby steps.

So last night I took it upon myself to write out a list of goals I wanted to accomplish today, goals I want to accomplish by next week, next month, and lastly by this time next year. In all honesty, it was harder than I thought it was going to be. I thought it so obvious what I can realistically do and not do – what i truly want and don’t want.

Yeah, incredibly not the case.

It’s easy to sit here and daydream about all the things we want tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next year. Harder to put to paper and accept what we need to do to get there. For instance, I originally wrote that I would write a 500-word blog post by the end of tonight. A few words ago I passed 300 words. I mention 300 words because I just went back to my goal list and changed it to 300 instead. Perhaps 300 words is a little bit more realistic tonight than 500 words.

(350 Words Above)

Let’s try and hit 500 words tonight, yeah?

In one of my recent posts, I talked about the #PitMad concept. It’s a wonderful concept if you haven’t checked it out yet. The first event of the new year is on March 4th, 2021 and I am elated! Well, maybe I shouldn’t feel so elated right now – not just because I have this damn headache. I still have not completed a full manuscript, even for a children’s book, much less a picture book. One of my goals is to pitch a completed manuscript this March 4th in hopes to have an agent or publishing house “like” or favorite the pitch on Twitter.

Are you participating in #PitMad this year? Let me know in the comments section.

I do have a few pieces here and there that I’d like to finish up but not sure if i’ll have even one completely polished by the first event of the year.

(507 words)

Looks like I’ve met my word count tonight after all, and within an allotted hour this time (20 mins).

Follow the #progress hashtag for more content.