Finding My Style

Finding your writing style is not like putting on a new set of clothes. Style is your writing. It is in the content of your words and it’s the nature of you. As the late Gary Provost would say, do not create in your head some witty, erudite, unmistakably exciting persona and try to capture him or her on paper. If you write like James Patterson, Max Braille, JK Rowling, or even Eric Carle, you’re only announcing to the world that you are not very creative.

It will not get you anywhere writing like the author or the enclave of authors that have inspired us. Not knowing how to write well and without self-consciousness will not get you anywhere, either. That’s a bit of a catch-22, isn’t it?

Not really, no.

That’s why it is imperative we write outlines for each story before writing. Constructing an outline is in itself a wee bit robotic but it’s an excellent exercise in grounding our writing; prevents us from trying to write like someone else. Once you have your outline, your style will emerge. It might be uniquely yours or as common as sunshine. But at least it will be yours.

Bonus Content

Earlier tonight I was perusing through Tumblr. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I already hear your collective groans in the universe. Yeah, I still have a Tumblr account. No, you won’t get to see that account – haha! I’ll tell you what I came across though:

In their latest post, they included a new writing tool they’ve recently launched – “Writing Analytics”.

This tool helps you manage distractions, be more productive, track your progress, and more. Even better, you can earn awards! At this time, there are 46 but they plan on adding more.

Keep in mind, I haven’t tried this tool yet but I’m eager to give it a go. When you’re only offering $9 USD/Month (add 14-day free trial) for all the features you get right out of the box, it’s more than tempting. But if I do give it a try, I’ll be sure to update you all on how I like the tool and what I don’t like.

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