Day 1 Prompt: Introduce yourself and what you write.

Oh, no. I’m not good at talking about myself. Here we go. Right now, my brain is wishing I could write a scene about a sports announcer in the middle of the arena, belting out who the competitors are, and what color their shorts are. Well, there’s just me. Not an interesting announcement in the least.

The most I can encapsulate it all is the bio next to this post or below it, depending on the device you’re using. I’m a writer, you know that. Not a very good one right now, but I’m working on it. That’s all that matters, right? Right. But if you’re new here, I’ll show a little grace, haha.

Hello! My name is Jake and I am a writer. I’m currently writing picture books all the way up to middle-grade chapter books. In 2019, I began writing again after half a decade the same week I was told I was going to be a father. It’s called Over The Creek, which you can find here:

What’s your favorite music to listen to?

I’m an American with predominant Scottish and Irish ancestry but my favorite music is Japanese rock and metal. I also enjoy J-Pop, K-Rock, Alternative, Folk Rock & Chill, and genres along those genres.

What’s your favorite food?

That would be turkey stew with lemon pepper seasoning. Sooooo delicious! It’s wonderful comfort food. And when I’m feeling down, I like baking lemon bread.

What’s your favorite color?

Being neurodivergent, I’m told it should be purple. I mean, they’re not wrong, it’s my favorite color but as far as fashion goes, it’s maroon, gray, or a deep blue.

Do you wanna learn more about me?

Post your questions below and I’ll respond to each one.