⭐️ Day 11 Prompt: Plotter or Pantser? ⭐️

It’s Day 11 of #AuthorAugust22, a prompt series by @mariahankenman!

Great question!! Funny enough, I finished #writing a #WIP BECAUSE I plotted everything out first instead of my usual #pantser style of writing. Now, that isn’t to say that you MUST plot everything out before writing anything, but it does help.

Even if you’re typically a pantser like me, you’ll come back to plotting your #story out during the #editing phase.

Professional advice about plotting vs pantsing from the, well, professionals:

“If you tried plotting but got bored halfway through your outline, or your character motivations didn’t match up with the actions you wanted them to take, try pantsing. If you couldn’t get to the end of your narrative by pantsing or got too tangled up in possible plot loops, try plotting instead.”

(Source: National Novel Writing Month/NaNoWriMo Blog)

Fun Fact: Did you know #stephenking himself is a PANTSER? Seriously!

How about you?

Are you a #plotter or a pantser?