⭐️ Day 17 Prompt: Would You Ever Want Your Work Made Into A Movie/TV Show? ⭐️

It’s Day 17 of #AuthorAugust22, a prompt series by @mariahankenman!

Happy Hump Day, Friends!

Update from yesterday’s prompt: still a wee bit sick and I didn’t do any writing. Oh, well. Maybe tonight I’ll get some writing done.

Let’s answer this prompt, yeah?

Do I ever want my work made into a movie/tv show? Yeah, maybe. I’d settle for small short animations on a youtube channel, honestly.

If my work was ever adapted for the screen (tv or movie), I would have a difficult time with it. It’s no secret when a book is adapted for a tv show or a movie, the source material isn’t always there. And I wouldn’t want some jerk on social media (or anywhere on the internet) bashing it because it didn’t have most of the source material. Yeah, there will be critics regardless, but that would still get to me. If I had full creative control over the entire process, then maybe.

I actually spoke with a prominent voice actor recently about these fears. It was mostly regarding my fear of the project being good enough in the first place, but they made some excellent points on adaptations as well.

Regardless of what you do, whether it gets picked up for a tv show/movie, much less a short indie film, you will find an audience that does enjoy it to its fullest, making it all worth it.

How about you?

Would you ever want your work made into a movie or tv show?