⭐️ Day 25 Prompt: Do Your Family/Friends Know You Write? ⭐️

It’s Day 25 of #AuthorAugust22, a prompt series by @mariahankenman!

Slamming some coffee back as I’ll soon be taking my toddler to the pediatrician today for what I suspect is a UTI. And I received a dozen work emails moments ago for a large project with a tight deadline. Awesome.

Do my family and friends know I write? 100%. They were some of my first buyers for Over The Creek. And I’m not shy about posting my work online, too. So, there’s…that.

I don’t get the hilarious reactions from them as I write children’s books mostly. Now, if I jump into some other genres, I wouldn’t be as confident posting those WIPs online as often, haha.

It took me some time to post even The Traveler (see yesterday’s post). At most, there’s only a hint of a potential romance. Wait, that makes me sound as though I have something against romance books. I don’t. I’m simply not confident enough for writing #romancebooks or really any other genre for that matter. Not yet, anyway.

Should I start writing outside of children’s books, I would likely only post in private critique groups for the genre I’m writing in. That was a long way of saying if I do start #writing outside of my current genre, they, and likely everyone else (publicly), won’t know about it for some time, haha.