⭐️ Day 28 Prompt: If You Weren’t A Writer, What Would You Do? ⭐️

It’s Day 28 of #AuthorAugust22, a prompt series by @mariahankenman!

Can I get through ONE monsoon season without my little one, their mom, and me all getting sick? That would be great.

In the beginning, marketing was my passion. I opened a marketing business back in 2017 because I also got tired of working for other people. Funny how that works. I had put both writing and other hobbies/passion on the back burner as a result. Also, as a result, it made me feel more miserable.

If I were to give up writing tomorrow, what would I be doing instead, if anything at all?

Probably get back into game design and development. Jump from one creative career to another all the while still working for another marketing company. Gotta pay the bills.

The goal, however, is to one day open up my own indie bookstore which I guarantee will leave me with less time for following my passion for writing.

So, if I wasn’t a writer, what would I be doing?

Running a bookstore is the preferable choice.

How about you? What would you be doing if you weren’t a writer?