💫 Day 4 Prompt: Genre Hopper or Stick to One? 💫

Great question! I’m all over the place. From board books and all the way up to historical fiction by Bernard Cornwell, I’m there. I like using my #neurodivergence as an excuse for so much #genre hopping. Really it’s mostly for study, especially children’s books of all varieties. There are countless children’s books of varying genres sitting on the floor next to me right now that I’ve yet to go through.

Genre hopping, for me, is better than sticking with one genre at a time because I’m #writing multiple genres. Sticking with just one gives me “tunnel vision”, making it more difficult for my brain to switch from one “mode” to the next if that makes sense.

How about you? Are you a genre hopper or do you stick to just one at a time? 🤔