Well, here it is.

I’m writing a book. Started it on Sunday, hoping to finish writing it before March 4th at 6 am. And, yes, that means writing and editing. I know, I know – the title of my last post is “Yeah, I’m Crazy.” There was a reason for that. That reason is trying to write a small humorous fiction/children’s book in full before the aforementioned deadline. And I asked you all to follow the #progress tag in my posts for updates relating to writing this Junie B. Jones-esque tale.

The latest news?

Two chapters are down and 1,600 words in.

See? Told you this book will be small.

The hardest part of all this is trying to write without editing as I go. I want this book to be perfect but I don’t want to keep stalling on getting this book written & submission ready.

Keep following the #progress tag for more updates!