Every summer, Izzy visits her grandparents in Oregon and her co-ogha in Scotland. She couldn’t be more excited! Sometimes they fly in an airplane, sometimes they drive.

“co-ogha means “cousin” in Scottish-Gaelic.” [co-ohwa]

In Oregon, Grandma and Grandpa wait for them as mom and dad pull up to their driveway. They drove almost twenty hours to their beach house with a yard.

Every morning, Grandpa takes Izzy for a walk along the beach for sand dollars.

When the visit is over, Grandma and Grandpa tell her, “We love you!”

In Scotland, Izzy’s co-ogha takes the train to meet the family at the airport. They all ride on the train back to the village, where her cousin lives in a cottage with Izzy’s aunt.

Every morning, Izzy’s aunt cooks what’s called a Scottish breakfast. At the end of the trip, Izzy’s aunt and cousin give her a big hug.

Mar sin leibh an-drasta means “goodbye/bye for now” [mah sheen leaf on-draw-sta]

“Mar sin leibh an-drasta!” they say. “Bye for now.”