Over The Creek

Written by Jacob Thomas – Illustrated by Sarah Arrowsmith

On A Publishing Journey With Debut Book “Over The Creek”

Hello! Hola! Kon’nichiwa! Bonjour! Dia dhuit!

For around seven years now, I wrote a few short stories, flash fiction pieces, and poetry. Despite support from both friends and family, calling most pieces written “wonderful” and other compliments, the confidence was never really there. As a consequence of that lack of confidence, I strayed far from writing short stories, flash fiction, etc… Its greatest extent only ever reached to blog posts and press releases through two digital marketing companies I both own and operate – both taking up much of my time.

Watching my young little niece and nephew grow, taking on kinder or the other with 3rd grade like champions, it inspired me to pick up writing once more but this time, really give it my all.

Christmas 2018 was the second Christmas without their father whom passed away in August 2017. This past holiday they were showered with books and other materials that strengthened their love for reading and learning. It was then when I decided I would give writing children’s books a shot, something the two wee ones would enjoy reading and learning from.

This past January I wrote a short little picture book roughly ten pages long with what I believe has a strong core message. I joined several writing critique/feedback groups in February and submitted the story.

What blew my mind was the level of support and love for the story at roughly 98% positive feedback. There were of course minor adjustments needed if the missing two percent was of any clue. Nonetheless, discussing stories with fellow writers in these groups and the support of my significant other, has increased my writing confidence ten-fold.

Over The Creek Character "Jack" by Sarah Arrowsmith
Over The Creek Character "Jenny" by Sarah Arrowsmith
Over The Creek Character "Henry" by Sarah Arrowsmith

Synopsis of the story:

Three siblings challenge each other over a simple game where it is discovered there are always more than one solution to accomplish a task or problem, leading to never doubting one’s own abilities ever again.

“Over The Creek” is written by (yours truly) Jacob Thomas and illustrated by Sarah Arrowsmith.

Sarah and I will be creating a kickstarter for this book since we will be going the self-publishing route. The kickstarter is expected to launch sometime Summer 2019!

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Disclaimer: The image below is NOT the official picture book cover but merely an illustration for demonstration and marketing purposes only. All 3 characters in the image below have yet to be finalized by Sarah Arrowsmith.

Jacob Thomas | Writer

Sarah Arrowsmith | Illustrator

03082019 - Over The Creek Picture Book by Jacob Thomas and Illustrated by Sarah Arrowsmith

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