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Episode Three Introduction

Hello! Hola! Kon’nichiwa! Bonjour!

Welcome to the JWO Podcast where I talk about what’s going on in the authorship, publishing, and general online world & more.

My name is Jake (Children’s Book Author, Single Dad, Blogger, Americano Coffee Consumer).

So without risking sounding like a terrible dating profile bio, let’s dive right into this week’s news.

Stick around!

Promoting “Over The Creek”

As I said, I’m a children’s book author – with one book self-published on Amazon, called “Over The Creek”. Sarah Arrowsmith is the wonderful illustrator and cover artist on the book. Without her, this project would not have ever seen the light of day.

Looking back now, the book is a bit rough in terms of character development and plot structure, but I’ll take it as a learning opportunity for future projects.

I have received one request so far for a new children’s book for a local children’s book publisher so I’m really excited about that. Now, well, I *whispers* I have to actually write the book now haha!

Appeals Court Vacates Temporary Order Blocking Publication of Trump Niece’s Tell-All

Andrew Albanese of Publishers Weekly wrote an article this week on the U.S. Appeals Court vacating a temporary order blocking the publication of Trump niece’s “tell-all Memoir”. Mary L. Trump’s memoir is currently making its way through publisher Simon & Schuster, titled “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man”.

The title alone ABSOLUTELY speaks for itself in why Donald Trump and staff have been pushing to block the book from being published.

What this decision means is that Simon & Schuster can continue to move forward with the book’s planned publication, slated for July 28th. Though, there is still a July 10th hearing in place so this book’s publication future is not set in stone just yet.


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Anti-Racist Children’s and YA Reading List

We must all remember that the fight for the #BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement is far from over despite not “trending” on Twitter or on most Social Media these days. Let’s continue the fight against injustice, for equality, for acceptance & tolerance, by listing a few title’s from the “Anti-Racist Children’s and YA Reading List”, provided by Publishers Weekly.

  • M Is for Melanin: A Celebration of the Black Child by Tiffany Rose
  • Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson
  • All Boys Aren’t Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto by George M. Johnson

I want to talk about “All Boys Aren’t Blue” for a second.

This book is a collection of personal essays revolving around themes of identity and family, and the experience of growing up Black and Queer.

Stories, and people, respectively, like this are more often overlooked, swept under the rug / intentionally forgotten or left behind. Doing so paves the way for intolerance from the community around you, but also from within yourself. This book is about the freedom to define oneself outside of society’s conditioning.

And should be heavily regarded as a significant read for finding your own voice and identity, no matter the odds.

Check out the full list today!

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Do you consider yourself a bit of a geek, a nerd, or at least a “fan of” comics? If so, you’ve probably been hearing a little bit about the recent controversy surrounding the CBLDF or “Comic Book Legal Defense Fund” agency.

A brief summary of events surrounding the CBLDF:

Allegations of sexual harassment and other forms of harassment swirled around on Twitter and other platforms against Charles Brownstein, the now former Executive Director. Out of respect for those negatively impacted by Brownstein’s actions, I will not be naming names.

In the days that have followed the allegations, Charles Brownstein resigned as Executive Director.

As of June 30th, first reported by Calvin Reid of Publisher’s Weekly, Paul Levitz is retiring from the CBLDF board of directors. Additionally, board members have now accepted the resignations of Jeff Abraham and Katherine Keller.

Abraham’s name you might be aware of already – he is the current President of Penguin Random House Publisher Services.

If you want to learn more about the CBLDF and their response in the wake of these allegations and resignations, view the show-notes blog post.

Read more on the CBLDF today!

Wrapping It All Up

That’s it for this week’s episode.

If you have some ideas, suggestions, feedback or maybe you want to be a guest on my show, please reach out on Twitter, Facebook, or use the email address on this page.

With that, I hope you are all staying safe amidst the current global pandemic, washing your hands, wearing your masks, but most importantly are looking out for one another.

And remember….

….I love you all.

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