[Reading Time: 1 Minute] | Genre: Children’s Stories

The kobold is a small, grumpy-looking creature with shaggy brown fur and piercing green eyes. He wears a red and white striped apron over his patchwork trousers. His bakery is small and cozy, with a sign that reads “Kobold’s Cakes” hanging over the door.

Despite his surly demeanor, the kobold is an amazing baker. His cakes are light and fluffy, his pies are perfectly flaky, and his tarts are filled with the most delicious fruit. However, the other creatures in the village are put off by his gruff manner and thick Scottish accent, so they don’t visit his bakery very often.

The kobold spends most of his days alone in his bakery, muttering to himself as he mixes the ingredients for his latest creation. But when someone does come in to buy a cake or a pie, his face lights up with pride and he can’t help but smile a little.